William Preston, Sumi-e painter of Santa Fe, NM William Preston| sumi-e painter
Sumi-e (Oriental ink and brush of a snow covered canyon
Orintal ink and brush abstraction Sumi abstraction



With subjects ranging from the expanse of the Southwest landscape to the intimate life of the high-desert garden or pond, Sumi-e, with its eloquent simplicity and evocative quality, provided Preston with the expressive power of a painter-poet.

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Sumi-e painting - Canyon de Chelly flight flight of butterflies in full moon - sumi-e
narrow vertical sumi-e of shrimp Sumi and Chineses watercolor of shrimp
sumi of blooming cactus flight of butterflies in sumi-e
Oriental ink and brush painting of spring blossoms abstract sumi painting
Abstract Oriental ink and brush painting Sumi-e and Chinese watercolor of the high desert in winter
Sumi and Chinese watercolor ofdesert landscape moonlight through clouds and treesin the valley