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Field of Souls


William Preston’s life-long interest inWilliam Preston, sumi painter sumi-e escalated into the consuming passion of his long career as a professional artist. Born in 1930, he has drawn and painted since childhood.   With only a little formal art training, he has sold bull-fight ink drawings in Mexico City, practiced sumi and photography in Los Angeles, illustrated books in New York City, sold elegant watercolors from his lobster shack gallery in Maine, exhibited drawings and paintings in Key West, and had solo shows in Boston, Maine, Washington, D.C., Miami, Texas and New Mexico.  His prize-winning watercolors and oils are in museums and corporate collections on both coasts and published as posters.  He mastered oil painting after moving to New Mexico in 1983, and his intimate familiarity with its landscape powered his sumi expression of the Southwest and its flora and fauna.

His obituary is very interesting, if you have the time.

303 County Road 84
Santa Fe, NM 87506
ph/fax 505|455-3496

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